The Extreme Future
"His lively scenarios are designed to spark debates, and they surely will." - Publishers Weekly, July, 2006

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Media Dr. Canton Interviewed by CNBC's Street Signs 150 year old humans and coastal waterfront property in the Midwest; Listen & Watch to find out what's next?

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The Extreme Future

Greetings Journalists - Welcome to The Extreme Future!

This website was designed for you, the journalist. It offers you a web location full of relevant information about my new book that has just come out, The Extreme Future. You will find excerpts, chapters, top ten trends lists, visual maps, videos, blogs and Podcasts - all about the book. We are trying to re-invent publishing by offering you parts of my new book. Also, there are special, just-for-journalists insights into my book and my mind. The idea is to creatively encourage you to review the book, or interview me about my new book. The shameless truth comes out.

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